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Move more: NEAT is the energy expended for everything you do that isn’t sleep, eating or exercise. This can be things such as walking to the shops, cleaning the house, walking to the kitchen to grab lunch or taking the stairs instead of the lift. These small bits of movement all help to increase the calories your body burns, so if your goal is to improve your fitness or lose weight why not try to make some small switches this year. It all adds up and will make all the difference towards your health and fitness goals.

Drink more water: drinking enough water helps our brains and kidneys to function, aids digestion and will improve your workouts by helping to prevent cramps and light headedness during exercise. Keeping a water bottle to hand will encourage you to drink more throughout the day.

Get 6-8 hours of sleep: sleep helps to improve brain fumction, lower stress and will benefit your fitness journey by enhancing muscle recovery. HGH (human growth hormone) is released when you sleep, as well as leptin and grehlin (hormones that signal when you feel full or hungry) to aid weight management. Creating a bedtime routine will help you to sleep better.

Set your goals for the week: planning and prepping for your week so you can see what you need to get done makes you more likely to get things done.

Plan your meals: taking time to plan your meals will help you to stay on track by making it convenient and miimise food waste. Doubling up on cooking so you can have leftovers will help to save time on cooking.

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