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Bec has been my PT for nearly a year and I am so proud of my strength and new habits. 

Bec is so much more than a PT! She has helped me gain strength, given me confidence in the gym, but she has also helped me with nutrition and mindset.

Bec is super flexible, friendly and supportive. I really look forward to my sessions with Bec and would recommend her to everyone looking to start or improve their fitness!


I joined the gym to increase strength & muscle mass. I didn’t have a plan nor was I confident using any equipment. I attended Becca’s classes and found her instructing to challenging but she was exceptionally friendly.


Over 8 weeks of 1:1 sessions with Becca, not only I have seen dramatic difference in strength but others have noticed a difference in my physique. I now have the knowledge and confidence to continue my fitness journey and would definitely recommend Becca as she will ensure you challenge yourself but also make you fall in love with working out! 


Becca has been my PT for nearly a year now, she has helped me improve my strength and helped me build muscle. 

I started seeing results within few weeks and get complimented by others on my physique now.


I enjoy having Becca as my trainer, not only does she listens to my goals and tailors the sessions. She is fun to train with, since the first session she has always been a friendly person and makes the session enjoyable. Not only have I met a great PT, I’ve also made a good friend.


Becca’s PT sessions have not only improved my fitness and gym knowledge but they’ve genuinely given me a better life. Becca has given me confidence that I didn’t even know I could have.


This is the strongest, fittest and healthiest I’ve felt in a long time. Becca doesn’t only focus on the gym side of things, she’s helped me so much with my diet and has helped me improve my relationship with food!


Becca is super flexible and has been amazing with me whilst life has gotten in the way recently! I couldn’t recommend her more!


I came to the gym for pain relief from my back and wanted to get stronger and release the tightness. I wanted to know how to use the equipment but was unsure of where to start so when I met Rebecca she really reassured me. I did surprise my self with some of the weight I managed to lift and the session were really good and enjoyable.


I have reached my goal for the month, and I also feel confident and my better in myself than I have done in a long time. I have been moving better since starting with Rebecca and I have had no pain. 


I used to wake up every morning feeling extremely drained and having no motivation, but since I joined the gym and started PT sessions with becs I can now wake up and say to myself I’m going to that gym and be determined to get to where I want to be.


The PT sessions have been difficult, tough and fun but I’ve got there in the end. I can’t wait to where I want to be and finally be able to reach my goals.


I have been training with Becs for over a few months now, and I am feeling stronger already. Becs is always sharing great advice and being supportive, wether its with workouts or nutrition. I always look forward to our PT sessions, they are hard work but so much fun! Becs has shown me that the gym really isn't a scary place.


This whole journey is having such a positive impact on my mental health, my confidence overall has grown, and I can't thank Becs enough for her support and guidance on this lifestyle change. I have found a new love for strength training and taking care of myself with the right nutrition.


I signed up for PT sessions with Becs as I wanted to improve my knowledge around strength training and maximise my efforts in the gym besides the usual cardio.


Becs was amazing in listening to what my goals were and tailoring my sessions accordingly. I started seeing results after a few weeks and genuinely enjoy going to the gym feeling that I know what I’m doing.


I’d definitely recommend signing up for sessions whatever your goals may be!!


Becca is friendly and approachable. As someone who is trying to lose weight and suffers with anxiety,


Becca really makes me feel at ease and motivates me to keep going. Becca has helped build my confidence of being in a gym.


And even after a few weeks I've noticed a difference in how I look! Would highly recommend Becca as a PT!


I am so grateful for Becca and her sessions she has finally given me the confidence to go to the gym alone, keep on track and ditch the scales!!!


She has helped me to focus on progress in other ways and challenges me every single session.


I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone who needs someone to support and keep you motivated without obsession over scales!


I have been training with Trainwithbecs since July. Our PT sessions are challenging and varied but most of all fun.


Becs is friendly, knowledgeable and encouraging and helps motivate me to achieve more than I knew I could….even if that damn box jump is still a work in progress 😂


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